A view from the rooftop of the GCC building.

SERPL 2019 - Local Arrangments

The address and map to the Georgia Cyber Center (GCC) can be found on the homepage. Everyone will enter the GCC from the 11th street side. The following image shows two paths from the Marriot to the GCC:

The GCC is to the left and the Marriot is to the right. The enterance to the GCC – the left-most endpoint – is off of 11th street. There will be someone there greeting everyone before the start of the conference. The red path follows Reynolds street, and the green path follows the Augusta River Walk along the Savannah river. The latter requires one to climb down a number of steps and so is not wheelchair accessible.

Parking is allowed at the GCC, and is at the same location as the entrance to the GCC. Please make sure and park to the very back of the building. If it is possible we recommend to leave your car parked at your hotel, because there are a limited number of spaces, but if that is not possible then park at the GCC.

SERPL will take place on the second floor. Upon entering the GCC walk past the desk and into the lobby taking a right. Then walk up the stairs, and to the right of the kitchen.