Codensity Games for Bisimilarity

by Shin-ya Katsumata


Bisimilarity as an equivalence notion of systems has been central to process theory. Due to the recent rise of interest in quantitative systems (probabilistic, weighted, hybrid, etc.), bisimilarity has been extended in various ways: notably, bisimulation metric between probabilistic systems. An important feature of bisimilarity is its game-theoretic characterization, where Spoiler and Duplicator play against each other; extension of bisimilarity games to quantitative settings has been actively pursued too. In this talk, we present a general framework that uniformly describes game characterizations of bisimilarity-like notions. Our framework is formalized categorically using fibrations and coalgebras. In particular, our characterization of bisimilarity in terms of fibrational predicate transformers allows us to derive codensity bisimilarity games: a general categorical game characterization of bisimilarity.

This is a joint work with Yuichi Komorida, Nick Hu, Bartek Klin and Ichiro Hasuo.

School of Computer and Cyber Sciences Augusta University