The University Hall building, on the Summerville Campus.

Information for Speakers

A few helpful things to consider when preparing your presentation.

Choosing presentation device

  • The presentation room has a desktop computer (Windows OS), or you can plug in your own device.
  • To present from the desktop machine: put slides on a thumb drive, or access them using a browser.
  • Presenting from own device: prepare to check your device connection before presentation.
  • If you need an Internet connection eduroam is available at Augusta University campus.

Preparing the slides

  • The projection screen has 16:9 ratio and is the recommended aspect ratio for slides.
  • There are two TV screens behind the audience that mirror the projected screen; it is possible to view slides even when facing the audience.

Planning the speech

  • We have 4 lapel and hand-held microphones – if you prefer to move around, use a lapel mic.
  • We have USB clicker/s. Connecting the clicker to an Apple laptop requires a dongle.
  • There are two whiteboards and markers located around the projection screen.
  • There are two speaker podiums around the room.

Photos from the room

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