The University Hall building, on the Summerville Campus.

The Southeast Regional Programming Languages Seminar (SERPL)

The Southeast Regional Programming Languages Seminar (SERPL) seeks to bring together researchers in the Southeastern United States working in the design, analysis, and application of programming languages to build new collaborations among students and researchers.

We invite contributions in the form of student – both undergraduate and graduate – research talks on topics related to programming language research from theory to practice to interdisciplinary applications.

SERPL consists of a full day of research talks from undergraduate and graduate students and one keynote speaker.


SERPL scope is kept very broad in order to allow as many people to contribute as possible, but the following is an incomplete list of topics for SERPL related research:

  • Programming Language Design
  • Human Aspects of Programming Languages (HCI)
  • Implementation Aspects of Programming Languages
  • Software-Development Techniques
  • Foundations of Programming Languages
  • Software Analysis
  • Applications of Programming Languages
  • Domain-Specific Languages
  • Programming-Language Related Education

The previous list of topics is not comprehensive, and if your topic is not listed, then this should not prevent you from submitting your talk abstract.